Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ode to Priska

Priska Hoeger-Rogers
June 13, 1918 -- July 13, 2009

Priska had all the time in the world. She had time to raise four children, and to watch them become loving, productive adults and raise families of their own. She even got to see some of them as they are raising their own families, and took great joy in knowing that more are on the way. Her constant love and support have been a source of strength and has bound us to one another.

Priska walked this earth with an open mind. Though she had her own beliefs, she understood and honored the beliefs of others, and respected their choices. There are so many lessons she taught us, and those she knew we had to find out for ourselves. She was always ready to help, but had the wisdom to let us make our own way.

Priska had time for her friends. A cup of coffee, some apple cake and a little chat to brighten the afternoon. On her daily walks, she always had a few minutes to stop and talk with those she met along her way. Step by step, smile by smile, she endeared herself to those who were lucky enough to have been on her path.

Priska had time to visit her family in Germany, strengthening the family ties across the continents. She had time to really enjoy her grandchildren. To read and play and swing and laugh and play Bumpa Rider and to just cuddle for a little bit. She was never afraid to look a little silly, as she wore a crown of balloons or danced a little chicken polka on a Sunday afternoon.

Priska had time to nourish a garden and to crochet beautiful blankets stitch by stitch, until her hands would no longer cooperate. She loved flowers and nature and she knew that while things can make you more comfortable, what makes life worth living--the fabric of your life is woven of the love of your family and friends, meeting the challenges of life with strength and humor, enjoying all of the little blessings, and in how you spend your time. Priska had all the time in the world, and I'm so grateful that she spent it loving all of us.